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No Indian Show is complete without upbeat music, dancing and entertainment! Whether it’s an intimate celebration

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With many prestigious accolades to Sonali Panda for her talent and innovation, Sonali Panda continues to blaze a trail in myriad fields including acting, music, anchoring for live, game, and chat shows.

Malviya nagar

Jaipur Rajasthan India


+91 7820817742

    Importnat note

    She extremely conscientious and able, Sonali Panda is an epitome of ability and artistry which makes her a fine anchor & a perfect choice for events.

    Anchor Sonali Panda

    She is known for her energetic and interactive personality, and her ability to mesmerize any audience put forth before she. Book an emcee who can engage the audience, her top-notch quality in delivery. Make the right choice of booking ANCHOR SONALI PANDA .

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